Part-time CFO Services

We have provided part-time CFO services from start-up to middle-market to large corporations, for the local Chicago area and nationwide, specializing in middle-market. You can have the same seasoned business advice that is normally available only to larger companies that have full time CFOs. Our years of experience in different industries and different business situations have given us the insight and foresight to give you an objective view of how your company operates, and show you how to improve cash flow and profitability. There is no “one size fits all” answer. It is the creative approach to problem solving, finding waste and inefficiency, integrating your IT system with company operations, creating a dashboard focused on what you need to know and providing the expertise and confidential exchange with you that makes us a unique and successful consultancy. Read about our Success Stories, our Business Philosophy, and give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Choose CFO Simplified's Part-time CFO Services?


You need a fresh view of how your business operates.  We use our experience and creativity to show you how to do things easier, faster, more efficiently.   This knowledge helps drive greater efficiency into your business and ultimately achieve greater profitability.
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Our experience within a broad range of industries has prepared us to help you reach your next performance peak. The breadth of our experience, cross industry and in different settings, allows us to gather the specific tools needed to help you grow your business.


We are analytical. The numbers tell the story. We make sure that you not only see the right numbers for your business, but understand what those numbers say about how your business operates, and how you can effect changes that improve your bottom line.


Since we believe that everything flows down to the financials, we open discussions with employees at all levels in your company. Many times, it is the line employee that knows best what incremental changes will improve work flow or reduce waste.  Continuous Improvement is the key.


Whether it is cash flow improvement, greater profitability, a stronger balance sheet, or just a better understanding of how your company operates, we have the experience, knowledge, and creative approach to get your company to the next level.  We can help you surmount any new obstacles you may be facing.

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