Get Clarity On Financials
& Key Metrics

  • Receive clear, comprehensive reports on your business’ performance
  • Discover your company’s performance in every division
  • Develop effective cash flow management strategies through deliberate analysis

Gain Insight Into
Your Business

  • Review key financial information with your board, investors, and management team to optimize future decisions
  • Compare your current performance with your planned performance
  • Establish a single, dependable source containing your business’ key financial data

Make Data-Driven

  • Identify methods to improve your business’ performance using in-depth data
  • Access key metrics and financial information whenever you need it
  • Actively manage your business and make vital decisions with confidence


Financial Reporting

We generate accurate, detailed reports that provide an overview of your business’ financials.

Cash Flow Management

Our team uses careful analysis to help you strategize ways to improve your business’ cash flow.

Performance Tracking

Stay atop of your business’ performance and determine how you can boost your productivity.

Market Guidance And Strategy

Our specialists help you navigate the market and create an effective business strategy.

Budgeting And Expense Control

Manage your business’ expenses and develop an optimal budget using our in-depth financial reports.

Organizational Leadership

Our CFOs are capable leaders and have first-hand experience in working with businesses across many industries.

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Why Choose Fractional
CFO Services From CFO Simplified?

We are analytical, and therefore, the numbers will tell our CFOs the story. We make sure that you not only see the right numbers for your business, but understand what those numbers say about how your business operates, and additionally, how you can implement changes that improve your bottom line.
Whether it is cash flow improvement, greater profitability, a stronger balance sheet, or a better understanding of how your company operates, we have the experience, knowledge, and creative approach to get your company to the next level. Our CFO Services can help you surmount any obstacles you may be facing.
Our CFOs’ experience in a broad range of industries means that we are prepared to help any business reach their next performance peak. Our CFOs bring a breadth of experience, cross-industry and in different settings, allowing us to gather the right tools and resources to help your business grow.
You need a fresh view of how your business operates. Our CFO services provide the experience and creativity needed to help you do things easier, faster, and more efficiently. This knowledge helps drive greater productivity throughout your business, resulting in greater profitability.

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How Our Fractional
CFO Services Work

CFO Simplified offers small to mid-sized businesses the same senior-level financial advice that big companies
get with a full-time CFO, but at a much lower cost. We provide the financial information and strategic
guidance you need to make the right decisions.

How Our CFO Process Works:

1 Deep Dive Strategic Analysis:

CFO Simplified performs a one to two-day Health Check for your company. Included: An analysis of your company’s Financial Reporting, Month-End Close process, Operational Review, Workflow Analysis, AP and AR, Cash Flow Evaluation and Banking Relationship and much more. Plus, we interview your top management. The result – a written report with recommendations.

2 Review of Deep Dive:

We review with you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. What are the things that you’re doing well, what are the things that you should look at changing over time, and what are the changes you should make right now because they are putting your company at risk? This is a one to two-hour meeting with you and your team to discuss our findings.

3 Execution Plan:

We propose a plan to address the priorities we’ve identified. We tell you how much time it will take to bring those elements of your company’s operations up to speed with best practices. We identify how your staff will be involved in the process, and the financial impact of the implementation.

4 Ongoing CFO Support:

Now that we know your company, we can identify how much time we feel it would take to provide you with ongoing CFO support. This includes dashboards, cash flow forecasting, trend analysis, and customized KPIs.

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Joseph Marzullo, Owner
Trustworthy and resourceful…

I always found Larry to be trustworthy and furthermore, very resourceful on all the projects that we worked together on.

Michael Levin, Owner
A professional through and through.

Frank Mahony, Vice President and CIO
A dynamic and extraordinary manager…

Above all, Larry has always been a dynamic and extraordinary manager. His thorough knowledge of finance, technology and international business would make him a valuable member of any management team.

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