VIDEO BLOG!! My Business is Doing Fine. Why do I need a Fractional CFO?

By Larry Chester
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Every large company has a CFO that provides their management with financial insights. That is the information that allows them to decide what changes should be made to improve company performance and their bottom line. Why should they have the exclusive benefit of that kind of senior financial advice? View this video because that insightful information isn’t just for the big companies. It’s also available for you. Do you appreciate what that would mean to your company? Click View More to View Video!

Larry Chester

Founder and President at CFO Simplified, LLC
Larry Chester served as a corporate CFO for 25 years before starting CFO Simplified in 2007.Having worked in manufacturing and service companies of all sizes, he now leads a team of part time CFOs serving small to mid-sized companies throughout the Midwest.They serve the needs of business owners, providing them with Cash Flow Forecasting, Profitability Improvement and Financial Statement Clarity.Since the company’s inception, they have implemented changes that have improved operations, cash flow and profitability to their many clients.
Larry Chester

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