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Why Use CFO Simplified's Services?

We always custom design services based on your company, your industry, your unique needs and your unique goals.

It takes a special type of seasoned businessman, experienced in all aspects of operations and finance, to walk into an operating business enterprise and quickly identify what needs to be done to improve operations, financial reporting, or internal controls. CFO Simplified has the experience to do just that.

We always custom design services to fit each project based on your company, your industry, your unique needs and your unique goals. Our mission is to assist your business in improving operations, internal controls, financial reporting and ultimately your bottom line.

Your business deserves our skills in the following areas ...

Part-Time CFO

We provide the senior financial advice and counsel that large companies get from their full-time CFOs at a much lower cost.

Financial Statement Visibility

What are the numbers that you need to see so that you can do the job of running your company?  You can’t manage what you can’t see.

Business Metrics

We have a creative approach to reviewing your numbers, showing you which numbers you need to see to accurately reflect your company’s performance.

Cash Flow Forecasting

You need to see what money you must have to operate your business, next week, next month, next quarter, even next year.

Cash Flow Improvement

What is the best use of the money you have available?  How can you improve your cash flow?

Operational Efficiency

We identify problem areas that limit profitability and help institute new programs that improve your bottom line.

Optimal Budgeting

Develop tools and methodology to build a budget that realistically tells you where your company will be next year.

Quickbooks Consulting and Bookkeeping

A full range of services, from basic QuickBooks bookkeeping and data entry, to a month end close complete with bank reconciliations, so you really understand what’s happening in your business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Guarantee your success?  We can’t.  But we can improve your odds of success significantly.

Banking Relationships

Your relationship with your bank is a relationship with one of your most important suppliers but in this case, the raw material is money, the cash to operate your business.

Board Membership

An experienced view of business is what every owner needs from his board.  As an experienced financial officer, we help businesses take the long-term view.

Temporary Staffing

Finding and hiring a Competent Replacement may take from a few weeks to a few months, but filling that empty chair with a Temporary Worker will take only a phone call.