photo of computer controlled industrial lathe

After months of this Chicago CNC Machine Shop providing financial reports with wildly swinging profitability and sales numbers, the bank doubted the accuracy of their reports and their financial stability. With an increasingly tentative bank renewal, they were required to have their financials verified by an outside firm. After the first consultant was sent home due to an incomplete analysis, we were brought in to create their success story by restarting the project and completing these needed services:

  • Verification that financial reporting of costs, AR and AP was accurate.
  • Development of a new tool to be used in conjunction with their percentage of completion accounting. This was welcomed by the bank and their outside accountant.
  • Created a 13-week cash flow forecast to provide planning on the availability and use of cash within business.
  • Established a metric for comparing completed projects to original estimates, highlighting areas where revenue opportunities were missed or expenses unnecessarily absorbed.
  • Created a new set of financial statements, providing a clear view of the business operations, allowing for focus on those controllable items that would improve the bottom line.

The bank renewed the company’s line for another year. As a result of our success, the company hired us as their Part Time CFO on an ongoing basis so that we could provide continued counsel to the company as it was passed down to the third generation of the family.