Our Services Helping Achieve Your Goals

The work that we’ve done over the years has been varied and exciting. The industries and structure of the businesses, the amount of computer integration, the company’s size and number of employees, the sophistication of their financial reporting, and the age and experience of the owners have all been different. But we find over and over again that no matter how our clients differ, they have the same things in common – they have products to sell, they need timely and accurate information to run their business, they have customers, suppliers and banks to keep happy, they want to give their employees increasing responsibility to operate the business, and they want greater profitability. Here are a few success stories about how these clients used our services, and how we’ve helped them take that next step to greater efficiency, greater knowledge about how their business is running, and ultimately, greater profits.

Group of six young people discussing something and gesturing while sitting at the table in office

Advertising Agency

Our Financial Reporting, Cash Flow Forecasting and Operational Efficiency services provided this company a more accurate method of tracking billing and expenses. Plus, we created tools to ensure reliable and consistent financial statements for a much clearer picture of their profitability.
photo of computer controlled industrial lathe

CNC Machine Job Shop

Our Financial Reporting, Business Metrics, Cash Flow Forecasting, and Banking Relationship services provided a clearer view of operations and profitability. As a result of our initial success, the company hired us as Part Time CFO on an ongoing basis, and appointed us to their Board of Directors.
photo of vintage movie equipment

Equipment Rental and Sales

Our Financial Reporting and Operational Efficiency services allowed this owner to streamline his frustratingly slow financial processes. After working through the approvals and processing with each department, we were reliably issuing monthly financial reports in less than 10 days.
photo of various bolts, nuts and washers

Fastener Manufacturer

We were able to use our Interim CFO, Cash Flow Forecasting, Operational Efficiency, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking Relationships and Workout Implementation services to keep this business operating. In the process, we saved 23 jobs, the owner received a position with the holding company that purchased the company’s assets, and the banks were paid off in full. This company is still operational today.
photo of hand on control panel of machine for milling industry

High Precision Manufacturing Company

Our Business Metrics and Budgeting services allowed this company, for the first time, to look into the future and confidently make plans based on the detailed analysis and projected company operations.
photo of marketing team meeting around conference table

Marketing Services Company

Our Succession Planning and Mergers and Acquisitions services led to successful negotiations and signed contracts. Our client now owns a new business segment that augments their existing clientele. The sellers are happy that employees will be taken care of, and that they were paid a reasonable price for their business.
photo of big offset printing machine for newspapers

Printing Company

Hired as a Part Time CFO, we utilized our Financial Reporting, Business Metrics, and Budgeting services combined with Operational Efficiency services to assist this company in identifying necessary changes and dramatically increasing profitability.
photo of pouring red wine into 3 wine glasses

Retail Liquor Store

Our Part-Time CFO, Financial Reporting and Business Metrics services helped this young owner use the financial strength of the store as a base to expand into other businesses.