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Promoted and developed by Intuit, QuickBooks is one of the most ubiquitous, popular business accounting software tools on the market, used by 29 million small businesses, or a whopping 80% of small businesses in America. So if you’re a small business owner in that 20%, you might want to strongly consider how this software can help, and you might need someone to help you navigate it.

So, what exactly is QuickBooks, and how can a Chicago QuickBooks service expert help you make the most out of what it has to offer? Read on to learn more.

QuickBooks Overview

As the name implies, QuickBooks (and other programs like it) is an all-in-one digital bookkeeping system that allows business owners to oversee every step that goes into fiscally managing their enterprise. There are primarily two types of QuickBooks programs: Online and Enterprise. 

The two key differences between both are that the former is exclusively cloud-based and only supports a few users, while the latter lets you save local records to your desktop and support up to 30 users.

For small to mid-sized businesses, some of these records and management steps include:

  • Cash flow
  • Bills, invoices, and payments
  • Inventory and budget
  • Payroll
  • Multi-channel e-commerce
  • Reports and estimate projections
  • Employee time clocked
  • Trip miles clocked
  • Sales and sales tax tracked

There are two famous inevitabilities in life, but by keeping all of these figures on the books, you can make one of those inevitabilities – taxes – a bit less of a hassle to deal with. Furthermore, before the next tax season inevitably rolls around, even the cheapest business version of Quickbooks offers tax deduction recommendations, so you can save those dollars and stretch them as wide as possible.

How QuickBooks Works

All of the aforementioned points may sound easier said than done, and you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking so. Even crunching these numbers in isolation can be time-consuming, and altogether, quite overwhelming. 

Fortunately, QuickBooks can do a lot to segment and streamline the data entry process. The software has numerous dedicated features built in, tailoring your data entry expressly to the specific formats you’ll want. 

Even though there are two types of QuickBooks programs, both have four payment plans: 

  • Self-Employed for freelancers
  • Simple Start for small business
  • Plus 
  • Advanced 

Currently, you might be able to have rates slashed 50% off for the first three months and give QuickBooks a 30-day free trial before committing to any one of these plans. 

Still confused, indecisive, or simply don’t have the time to parse all this information through your normal workweek? Our Chicago QuickBooks service consultants can help with that. By outsourcing these responsibilities to them, they can save you time and money by helping with:

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping
  • Reviewing transaction history
  • Efficient, accurate data entry
  • Data transfer and conversion across bookkeeping systems
  • Determining if QuickBooks is even the right accounting system for your business
  • Much more!

Contact the CFO Simplified team to learn how our Quickbooks accounting experts can help you today!

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