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Cash Flow Management Service in Lake Forest, IL

Every business owner should be concerned about cash flow, as cash flow issues can throw a wrench into your operations. Without having a certain amount of liquid assets on hand – which varies from company to company – your business can start struggling, and the lack of cash can even lead to the demise of an enterprise. The good news is that, with the right cash flow management services from CFO Simplified, your company can stay steady or overcome existing cash flow issues. 

Most owners realize their business should have more cash than expenses, though the future is unpredictable. If your revenue drops or you need to make a large purchase outright, it can cause lasting issues with cash flow that can be difficult to overcome. It takes time, analysis, forecasting, and budgeting to plan ahead to ensure your cash flow is properly managed. This is time and resources many companies do not have.

If you do not have a full-time CFO in-house who is striving to manage your company’s finances, it does not mean you should ignore the matter. Consider outsourcing cash flow management services in Lake Forest, IL, to a fractional CFO from CFO Simplified today.

How We Can Help

Operating a business can be expensive, and there are many obligations to be met on a regular basis. Our part-time CFOs will closely examine all of your regular expenses, including payroll, rent, insurance, inventory, and more. These expenses are not always steady, and we can analyze whether there is a way to reduce your liability and predict whether you might experience a spike in expenses in the future. 

We also review your current accounts and revenue trends to identify whether a cash flow problem might be on the horizon. Some services we provide can include:

  • Determining the liquid assets to which you have immediate access
  • Predicting the amount of cash you will likely need in the future
  • Reducing expenses and prioritizing spending
  • Accelerating receipts when possible
  • Setting payments to a schedule that matches your cash availability

The Importance of Forecasting

Managing your current cash flow is only one aspect of the process, as informed planning is also essential for small to midsize businesses. We use special forecasting tools to provide the following benefits for your business:

  • Providing a realistic assessment of your future cash flow
  • Assisting you with spending management
  • Identifying and addressing potential cash shortcomings down the line before they arise
  • Ensuring that lenders, shareholders, and investors stay confident in the business

This type of forecasting requires time and in-depth analysis, which most company owners and leaders do not have. However, you should never ignore cash flow management and forecasting – instead, seek help from an outside CFO. 

Discover the Ways an Interim CFO Can Help Your Business with Cash Flow Management Services in Lake Forest, IL

At CFO Simplified, our experienced CFO professionals work to fill the gaps in the financial leadership of your company. If you need assistance with cash flow management services in Lake Forest, IL, please contact us to discuss your options today.

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