As a business owner, you know the products and services you sell, but how good is your understanding of the financial reports that support your business.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Our people are unique CFOs. They are all operationally based financial executives.

As business detectives, they know how to slice and dice financial information to get to the detail, examine the variances, the exceptions, and then follow those numbers back up the line to the operations floor where they can have a real impact on your business. It is there that they identify the changes that need to be made to drive more money to your bottom line.

We don’t focus on any particular type of business. We’ve worked in many different industries, and that’s our strength. Having been there, we’ve identified what works here, what works there, and what works someplace else. It allows us to come to your company, and with a fresh eye take those things that have been successful in other places, and apply them as a package directly to your business to give you a customized solution for your problems.

The core of CFO Simplified’s focus is working with small to mid-sized businesses in cash flow improvement, strengthening internal controls, improving profitability, and clarifying financial reporting,

Diverse Industry CFO Experience

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Our CFO services have successfully brought solutions to Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, Advertising Agencies, Architectural Firms, Medical Practitioners, Insurance Agencies, Software Developers, FinTech Start-ups, Food Products Companies, Logistics Companies, Retailers, Printing Companies, Machining/Engineering Companies, Rental Agencies, Importers, Manufacturer’s Reps, along with many others.

First Financial Consultant

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Early in 2014, CFO Simplified was named by the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center – IMEC – as the first financial consultant on their list of authorized subcontractors.

How can our CFOs help you?

No matter what your need is, we’ve got you covered.

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